QPS Myths Revealed

my voice Isn’t heard

Every response shapes our data and drives change into Results. Results are a powerful tool to change State government in that they help justify spending, staffing, and policy changes.

The same questions are asked every 3 months

QPS occurs quarterly, but the same questions are asked only twice a year. Spring/Fall we focus on accountability, motivation, and customer service. Summer/Winter we focus on direction, leadership, and professional development.

We know who provided
specific feedback

Data is 100% anonymous. We do not track emails, names or IP addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I participate?

Your honest answers provide the facts of how things are and are not working. Your answers shape priorities across state government.

What if I have different experiences with my direct supervisor than I do with other managers and leaders in my organization?

The questions are designed so that you do not reply based only upon your experience with your direct supervisor to help us understand the overall climate.

Is my “organization” my office, my division, my department, or the state government?

Answer the question based on what best represents your personal experience at work.