Why Does QPS Matter?

We want and need to hear candid perspectives from all our team members about your lived experience. Your honest feedback is essential to measure our progress and helps us improve in each of our 5 outcome categories for QPS:



Direction is all about where we are heading together in state government and where your department is heading. You can find the governor’s top priorities and your Department’s top priorities on their strategic placemat.



Leadership measures how well our leaders are communicating and inspiring action by others. Everyone is a leader regardless of title and you can be a part of driving change for your team with our statewide
learning frameworks



Accountability is a measure of how well individuals understand what is expected of them, if they have sufficient authority to carry out their expectations, and if they take responsibility for delivering results. One way to coach up and receive meaningful feedback is through ENGAGE to ensure expectations are being met.



Motivation measures the enthusiasm that drives each team member to put in extraordinary effort to deliver results. In Missouri we strive for all team members to be appreciated, recognized, and celebrated for their great work! Check out what your department is doing for MO Appreciation.

External Orientation

External Orientation

External Orientation is all about the quality of our engagement with our customers, partners, and external stakeholders. The Operational Excellence community has great tools for helping you understand your customers and being more efficient in your daily processes. Be sure to check out to the White Belt and the Missouri Way for ideas.

You Said It, We Did It!

Through your QPS feedback, new programs were developed to transform how we learn, grow, and work.

Continuous improvement

Show Me Excellence

Equipping team members to continuously improve our departments to serve citizens with excellence

Yellow Belt

Enhanced problem solving skills

White Belt

A set of simple problem solving tools that can be used by all team members in their daily work


Dollar Sign

All state team members received a 8.7% raise in March 2023

Pay Increase

All state team members received a 5.5% raise in March 2022 based
on QPS data


A website with discounts for recreation, stores, and vacation opportunities


Mo Learning

24/7 access to best in class training, including State of Missouri
custom content

MO Way Training

Training program for all state
team members


Bringing supervisors and team members together to have meaningful professional development conversations

Leadership Academy

Professional development program designed for emerging leaders


MO Appreciation

Building a culture of meaningful appreciation for team members and the work they do


Honoring the top 10% of team members by awarding them up to $1500 for professional development

What Our Governor Has To Say

Success Stories

OA - Office of Administration

The OA Influencer team was born from feedback we received from QPS! The data showed an opportunity for improvement in “workplace culture” and to ensure voices at all levels of the organization were heard, a cross-divisional team was selected by their peers and drove 4 initiatives –  trust, direction, engagement, and rewards & recognition – to give voice to what mattered most to team members.


DHSS publishes the extremely valuable QPS results to an intranet site so all DHSS team members can access highlights from each QPS cycle, compare trends over time, and learn about what actions leadership is taking as a result of QPS feedback. An exciting new development is our Deputy Division Director cohort project, focused on using the QPS result data to identify opportunities for improvement and recommend management changes to turn the data into action. Check back in for the latest updates!